University: Year 1

Although my time at DMU is now very much a thing of the past, I thought it’d be nice to summarise that year in a post. Moving to a big city like Leicester was really exciting for me, I felt I was ready for a change and I was ready to move away from home. … Continue reading University: Year 1


Life Update: I’m Back

Hiya! I’m very sorry for my absence from the blogging world once again, I’ve always found it so difficult to stick to things like this! I feel like this blog was going really well and I was actually getting into a routine of posting and I still have a massive long list of all the … Continue reading Life Update: I’m Back

Lauren Ash – When Sentences Move More Than Steps

Hi all! I did an interview for CC’s blog Footsteps and Stories ‘Dedicated to honouring and celebrating women in tap’ a while back and realised I never shared it with my lovely followers! I know I’ve been a tad distant, but sharing this is the first step in getting back into my blog. I had fun answering these questions and was completely flattered for the feature. Thanks, CC!

Footsteps and Stories

13597707_964268200359040_1826369052_a.jpgLauren Ash can tap, but isn’t a tapper in the Melinda Sullivan sense. She is, like me, someone who greatly admires tap and holds a deep respect for those who practice and master it.

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52 Portraits

52 Portraits is a digital dance project by choreographer Jonathan Burrows, composer Matteo Fargion and video maker Hugo Glendinning, produced by Sadler's Wells - I was introduced to this at uni.  A short gestural performance portrait was released by a different dancer or performer every Monday throughout 2016. Each artist was interviewed and their responses have … Continue reading 52 Portraits