52 Portraits

52 Portraits is a digital dance project by choreographer Jonathan Burrows, composer Matteo Fargion and video maker Hugo Glendinning, produced by Sadler’s Wells – I was introduced to this at uni.  A short gestural performance portrait was released by a different dancer or performer every Monday throughout 2016. Each artist was interviewed and their responses have been made into songs which then became the soundtrack to their performances. I think it’s really interesting to watch and compare them all, knowing they were all given the same brief as it were. I also think it’s pretty impressive that it continued for a whole year, there’s something about the fact that it went on for such a period of time that draws in my attention even more.

All the videos are available to watch here, along with all the lyrics and further information about the project:


Do let me know what you think below!

Much Love x


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